Going away for the weekend? Have to be out of town overnight? Have meetings all day? Do you need someone to check on your pet(s) or, are you looking for a safe, friendly place to board them? 

Located just outside of Watford City, ND city limits, Tiffany's Pet Hotel & Playgroup specializes in daycare, boarding, exclusive boarding and house call services. 

Daycare/Playgroup is a great place for 
exercise and socialization. Your pet can burn off pent-up energy and make new friends. Whether for a couple of hours while your run errands or all day while your at work. Your pet will get to enjoy the outdoors, play, run, chill-out on the deck or nap in the sun.

Boarding is in my home. No matter the length of stay, your pet will be a member of the family with lots of love, attention and playtime. 

Tiffany's Pet Hotel & Playgroup will bring you peace of mind knowing that your pets are well cared for while you are away. We are the home away from home, and the friendly, caring people who will check on your pets while you are away. Your pet will have companionship, play and tummy rubs, just like the canine and felines that live in my home.

* Playgroup - Playtime and socialization

  * Boarding
Caring for your pet(s) in my home
  * Exclusive Boarding - Caring for only your pet(s) in my home

  * House Call Service - Caring for your pet(s) in/at your home.
    Daily visit(s) include cares with lots of love and attention
* Gift Certificates available for your favorite furry friend!

Base Rates are per pet per day: 

   Half day = $10.00 
     Up to 4 hrs. of fun and socialization
   Day = $20.00
   Extended day = $25.00

 *Boarding = $30.00 per day

 *Exclusive Boarding = Please contact me for details

 *House Call Service = Prices bases on services needed
   Always included and given freely in abundance, is love and attention to your pet.

*A meet and greet ahead of the scheduled stay or house call. Documentation of immunizations is required.
  This is so everyone will be safe, happy, healthy and most importantly to ensure your pet(s) have an awesome experience!

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have questions or are in need of special services.